Defamation Law

De Búrca Greene Solicitors have successfully advised both plaintiff and defendants alike in relation to defamation actions both in the Circuit and High Court. The Law of Defamation allows an individual to protect, restore and vindicate the integrity of his or her good name where it may have come under unjust attack. We are highly experienced litigators in this area and provide clear and unambiguous advice to our clients.

Defamation is the publication or broadcast of a false statement which lowers the reputation of a person in the eyes of right thinking members of society.  The law on defamation applies to all forms of communication from newspapers, magazines, books etc to online communications such as Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts or comments, or indeed reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor etc. Quite a large number of defamation actions before the courts are arising from individuals having been falsely and publicly accused of shop lifting. The level of defamation cases before the courts has risen significantly in recent years which may be in part attributable to the advent of social media which has led to a large number of individuals to feel that they can articulate whatever they please about people whether grounded in reality or not. We have developed extensive experience in terms of engaging with Social Media companies to arrange for the immediate removal of defamatory materials and furthermore issuing proceedings against the party whom published the post.

De Búrca Greene Solicitors have consistently  achieved excellent results for our clients in a wide range of defamation cases. If you would like to discuss a potential case with us, please contact us and we will quickly assess the matter in order to provide expert advice with a view to vindicating your reputation.


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